Best Smart Blinds Homekit

Best Smart Blinds Homekit

The best smart blinds home kit will enable you to control the window blinds in your home using a remote, smartphone, or your voice. For this reason, whether you’re indoors or away from home, you can still control when your blinds come on or off.

You also have the choice of choosing a kit to pair with your existing window blinds or change the current one using the blinds that come with the kit. Whichever you opt for, the best smart blinds home kit to consider are:

1. tilt’s Blinds Automation Kit:

Buy Now: B078T1X2HM Buy Now: B078T1X2HM

What if you have regular blinds and you’ll like to change them to automated blinds? You only have to purchase tilt’s Blinds Automation kit for that. This kit can be used for 2 to 2.5” inch horizontal corded blinds to enable them open and close without manual control. This kit is also compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant, hence, you can use your voice to control your blinds. This kit sells for $219.96.

2. SLSY Smart Blinds Automation Kit:

Buy Now: B07W1J1616 Buy Now: B07W1J1616

Like the tilt’s Blinds Automation Kit, you also get to maintain your favorite blinds instead of switching them entirely thanks to the SLSY Smart Blinds Automation Kit. Pair this kit to your existing blind and you’ll have an automated window blind that can be controlled using a remote. There’s also a smartphone application you can use to open and close the blind. The price of this kit is $109.99.

3. Keego Motorized Window Blinds Zebra Blinds:

Buy Now: B07YSTWXV7 Buy Now: B07YSTWXV7

The Keego Motorized Window Blinds Zebra Blinds is made of Polyester and it is available in different sizes. While that may sound like your regular blind, it isn’t. This smart blind is actually a motorized roller shade that can be slid up and down using a remote. It’s battery-powered, and a 6-hour charge can support up to 600 slides up and down. The price of this smart blind is $245.

4. Springblinds 100% Blackout Battery Running Motorized Roller Shade with Remote Control:

Buy Now: B077J9KJ8B Buy Now: B077J9KJ8B

The Springblinds is made of polyester and it is another smart blind that is controlled using a remote. According to its maker, just one remote can control up to 15 shades. And the battery built within the motor lasts long. The best part is, you can choose this blind in your favorite color. This is because there are China Blue, Dark Mist, Light Tan, Bitter Chocolate, Oasis, Taupe, amongst other colors. The price of this blind is $294.95.

5. Yoolax Motorized Blackout Window Shades:

Buy Now: B07W1PX94N Buy Now: B07W1PX94N

The Yoolax Motorized Blackout Window Shades is useful if you prioritize shades and want to give your home that nice look. In the same vein, the blinds are paired with a remote to enable you to control it. Its motor is battery powered and its manufacturer claims the unit is durable. You get to spend only $179 for this unit. Customers who purchased it said it is easy to install and has great quality.

6. Yoolax Motorized Zebra Shades Free-Stop Cordless Zebra Blinds:


There’s also the Yoolax Motorized Zebra Shades Free-Stop Cordless Zebra Blinds made of polyester material. It also features a motor that helps to control the blinds wirelessly. You can use the unit’s remote, or your voice thanks to its compatibility with Alexa. For these features, you get to pay $199 for this automated blind. Previous buyers of the product said it is easy to install.


Try the best smart blinds home kit today and see how they improve the aesthetics of your smart home and even reduce your need to constantly be next to the window before getting its blinds open or close.

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