RFWIN Spy Glasses Rearview Mirror Sunglasses

RFWIN Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses [Review]

What if you could watch your back without actually looking behind you? That would be cool right? Now it’s entirely possible with the RFWIN Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses. This time around, you won’t only be protecting your eyes from the sun or trying to look fashionable – because here’s a gadget that says there’s no need to steal glances behind to see what’s happening since you can actually face forward and still be fully aware of events behind you.

Therefore, if you have a hunch that you’re being followed, checked out, or just want to spy on your partner, friend, or whoever without alerting them, this is one of the best spy gadgets to use. And if these benefits interest you, here’s a review of the RFWIN Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses. The features of this spyglass will definitely blow you away. Let’s take a look.

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We believe you’ve worn a pair of sunglasses at one time or the other and you know how they look and feel. Accordingly, the RFWIN Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses takes the same design as any other ordinary sunglasses. It has a dark lens and a sleek frame that gives it a stylish look. And if you’re a fashion enthusiast, it’ll blend in with your style. 

On the other hand, it’s designed in such a way you’ll hardly figure out it’s a spy gadget. Even if people are aware that there are now spy glasses that track what’s happening behind them, they’ll be unable to tell the RFWIN glasses apart from traditional glasses. Put it on, sit in a cafe, and it’ll look like you’re just having a cup of coffee. 

According to the manufacturer, its lens has a special coating that enables you to see your back view. That aside, the gadget has a dimension of 5 x 1.6 x 4.9 inches and a weight of 4.8 ounces. Hence, it is quite portable and lightweight making it super comfortable when you wear it.


So, what can you actually use the RFWIN Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses for? First off, these glasses protect your eyes from the sun thanks to its tinted lens. However, that’s not its main purpose. The gadget offers you a full view of what’s happening behind you. You get to see the left view and right view. And as such, you can see events in real-time.

To simply put, you’ll see a 360 view of events around you without twisting yourself every time. Now imagine if you’re cycling or hiking, you’ll be able to watch out for bicycles and other vehicles approaching. And if someone is checking you out, you’ll be the first to know.

What’s more, the potential for someone to creep up on you is significantly reduced since you’re well prepared after you’ve sighted them. In line with that, you don’t have to scare off the person you’re monitoring by actually turning your back since you can see them even when looking straight ahead. Therefore, if you’ve ever wanted to play undercover, here’s a  gadget that will help you with that.

Price and Customer Reviews:

For as little as $10.59, you can be a proud owner of the RFWIN Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses. It can be said that this is a cheap spy gadget that is very useful despite being inexpensive. Therefore, add it to your collection or get it as a gift for a friend or family.

That aside, previous buyers of this product said the lenses enable you to see better; they show a clear view.  Others noted that the glasses can be used for running, biking, walking.

A user specifically noted that this glass was used by their kid for six months and it still served them well. Nonetheless, a downside that was pointed out is that the plastic part that goes over the ear may come out occasionally. Also, it might not be at its best performance at night.

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In conclusion

You can finally have an extra pair of eyes to watch your back with the RFWIN Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses. Therefore, if you have a hunch you are being followed lately, you can now have peace of mind knowing that someone won’t jump on you while you’re out walking or running.

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