5 Best High-Security Door Locks

5 Best High-Security Door Locks

High-security door locks for homes, offices, schools, restaurants, etc. are important since they ensure that a criminal does not gain easy access to your private space. Intruders may try hard to pick at the locks, use their foot/shoulder to bang on the door or even a sledgehammer, and these locks won’t give way. Therefore, the best door locks for home security is one more way to enhance the safety of your home or workplace.

What’s more, if you’ve installed a door made of steel or quality wood, it’s only needful to have a high-security residential door lock in place. Asides from being difficult to pick and break down, the key for such a lock cannot be forged easily. That being the case, here’s a list of the best security locks for doors.

1. Kaba Mas CDX-09 501025/511020 High-Security Pedestrian Door Lock: 

Kaba Mas CDX-09 501025/511020 high-security pedestrian door lock has been built to make you confident that no one can get past your locked door easily. First off, it comes with a drill resistant mounting plate that would make an intruder sweat and get discouraged during their attempt to manipulate your locks.

The Kaba Mas CDX-09 501025/511020 also comes with a 7″ x 1.0″ LCD display that allows you to see the numbers that are being dialled. Also, it displays arrows that make dialling easy and exact. In line with that, this unit features direct dial, hence there is no need to clear before entering the combination. Also, the power of the lock shuts off automatically after 40 seconds when you stop turning the dial. For these features, the Kaba Mas CDX-09 501025/511020 costs $2,450.

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2. Schlage Electronics M492P High-Security Electromagnetic Lock:

The Schlage Electronics M492P is an electromagnetic high-security lock with a satin chrome finish. Hence, if you want to take things a bit further from the traditional manual locks, here’s an electromagnetic lock to try. This lock can detect when the door is opened or closed when it is connected to an access control system. The latter is as a result of communication between the lock’s door-status and magnetic-bond sensors.

According to its maker, this is an electromagnetic lock with a 1,500-lb holding force per electromagnet. The Electromagnetic lock can also be connected to a door access system including a request-to-exit device, push bar, or credential reader. In either case, it can offer maximum security for a double inswing or outswing door. This unit also comes with an automatic surge suppressor to protect the lock from damage due to high voltage. The Schlage Electronics M492P costs about $1,344.34.

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3. BNSDMM Intelligent Door Lock – Stainless Steel: 

BNSDMM is one of the best door lock brands. Its high-security door locks have been built to be strong and durable. Also, it can be used in homes, apartments, dormitories, shops, offices, hotels, cafes, restaurants, and a range of other places. The BNSDMM intelligent door lock is made of high-end stainless steel. As such, it is waterproof, high temperature resistant and low temperature resistant.

For this reason, the panel is not susceptible to rust, and will still show renewed strength after a major impact or prolonged use. Also, there are six ways of unlocking this panel. The various means include password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, magnetic card unlocking, APP unlocking, mechanical key unlocking, and combined unlocking. The remarkable features of this lock can help to secure your home if you can spare $408.25.

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4. DynaLock 2022-HSM2 Double Electromagnetic Lock w/High-Security Monitor

The DynaLock 2022-HSM2 Double Electromagnetic Lock also has something unique to offer. It comes with a plated coil and armature to prevent corrosion. There’s also a narrow backset of 1-1/2”, which according to its manufacturer, will require that other mounting brackets or filler plates are done away with.

Furthermore, there is no residual magnetism, which ensures that the door opens immediately as soon as the lock has been de-energized. There is also a built-in spike suppression, and it helps to protects the solid state components in the system. You can purchase this high-security lock at a price of $776.32.

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5. Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ Cronus (Black Tie Edition) High Security:

The Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ Cronus (Black Tie Edition) High-Security Door Lock is suitable for doors from 1-3/8″ inch to 1-3/4″ inch. It features a grade 2 single cylinder deadbolt with thumb turn. The cylinder, for instance, is drill resistant, as well as pick and bump resistant. Thus, this unit has been built to withstand impacts.

Much more, the Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ comes with two keys and one key duplication card. For these features and more, its price has been set at $450. Previous buyers of this high-security lock remarked that it works and feels great. Also, it was easy to install and use. 

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These are the best high-security door locks for homes, offices, schools, and just about any place that uses a door. The front, side, and back entrances are often the most vulnerable to a break-in. As such, locks with high strength and durability have to be used at all times. Accordingly, you can take a pick from the products outlined above to revamp the security of your premises.

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