Where are the Best Places to Put Security Cameras?

Where are the Best Places to Put Security Cameras?

So, where exactly are the best place to put security cameras? If the same question has run through your mind, then we’ll like to believe you’ve just purchased or you’re looking to buy a security surveillance camera system. And your goal like most people out there is to maximize the effectiveness of your home security camera.

A great location, will pick up events clearly and help to fish out vandals/burglars that may have inhibited your premises while you were away. It can also help to retrieve your stolen items later on. On the other hand, home security camera installation is now easier since there are more DIY systems.  Therefore, if you’re wondering, “where should I put security cameras inside or outside my house?” here’s a list of the best places to work with.

1. Front Door:

Unarguably, most people entering your home use the front door. A survey has also revealed that 34% of burglars intrude on a home using this point. These two scenarios are why the first place to install a security camera is your front door. But first, ensure that the camera is placed at the second-floor level. It will prevent intruders from dismantling it once it has been spotted.

2. Back & Side Doors:

If you have more than one door that leads into your home, these areas need to be monitored as well. Unlike the front door, the back and side doors may not always be in full glare, hence, an intruder may want to take advantage of these regions. The survey also revealed that 22% of burglars use the back door. Therefore, install security cameras on all secondary doors in your home and generally, entrances that people don’t pass through often.

3. Off-Street Windows:

If you have windows in your home that aren’t facing the road, then they are vulnerable areas for an intruder to break in. This is because whether it is during the day or at night, your neighbors or passersby are less likely to spot them. Nonetheless, you can keep these windows monitored by installing CCTV cameras near them. 

4. Garage & Driveway:

Cars, bikes, sports equipment, and other useful properties are stored in the garage. And if you have items such as these, it is needful to keep a close eye on them. Given that they may be too many, it may be a bit difficult to detect when an item has gone missing. The latter can be averted by installing a home security camera that captures your garage or driveway to ensure that the culprit is caught on camera even before you notice that your property has gone missing.

5. Common Locations:

Common locations such as the living room, computer rooms, entertainment rooms or, the kitchen also need to be monitored. It’ll allow you to check up on your kids when they’re doing their assignments in the kitchen, and probably lend a helping hand, thanks to the two-way communication on these devices. Furthermore, you can check up on your nanny, pet, handyman, etc. without hovering over their neck every now and then.

6. Main Stairway or Hallway:

If there are no security cameras installed in the places outlined above, then having one in your stairway or hallway can be very useful. An intruder will need these areas to navigate freely around the house. Whether they passed through the door, window, ceiling, chances that they’ll stay rooted to a spot are low. Therefore, position your security cameras in the balcony or basement stairway and they’ll pick up these movements.

How to Mount Your Security Cameras

The way your security camera is mounted is just as important as its location. With that in mind, place the camera foot or two next to a door or window, and then angle it towards the entrance of your home. However, if the camera is positioned above the door, it should be angled properly so that it can pick a person’s face.

You can also take the extra step to place visible cameras that will scare off potential intruders. According to the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA), unsecured homes are three times more likely to be robbed than those with a visible security camera.


Now that you know the best places to put security cameras, your home can be under full surveillance 24/7. The doors, windows, garage, driveway, kitchen, stairways, and hallways can be monitored. Accordingly, purchase one of the best security cameras today and start setting them up in these locations to enhance its safety.

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